EyeGlass Exam

McChord Optometry can do your eyeglass exam on McChord AFB

The eye doctors at McChord Optometry strive to provide the best eye exam in the JBLM area. We always set aside a few moments at the start of your time with the doctor to discuss your individual vision concerns and hear of any troubling health issues or past medical eye problems. The optometrist on duty at McChord Optometry will also want to hear about any problems you have had with your distance vision or computer/reading vision.

We will try to learn about the specific visual demands you experience at work, when driving, etc. By learning more about your personal visual demands and challenges, we can discover how to best solve problems for you. Our optometrists will try to formulate a plan to allow you to see what you need to see at all distances. There have been many patient visits that resulted in discussions about a patient’s visual frustrations. Quite frequently such discussions point toward medical issues such as eye strain, dry eye or cataracts which your eye doctor will further investigate.

One other important goal for our routine annual eyeglass exams is to strive for optimized eye health for each patient. Long-term eye health is much easier to achieve if preventative care occurs life-long. It turns out that eye doctors are much better at helping you keep the sight you have than at restoring sight that has been lost.

We do routine testing at every eye exam that screens our patients for debilitating eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. So if it’s just time for an exam, your current glasses seem blurry, or you can tell something else is not quite right with your eyes, come see us for an eyeglass exam.

In case you are wondering what testing is involved in a routine eye exam at McChord Optometry, we have described the key testing you can expect below: